So Funny, He Could Placate An Anti-Trump Protest!

"He knew his audience and pulled no punches. Close enough to be believable, yet far off enough to make Trump a hysterical caricature. Hilarious jokes that poked fun at all of us - including Trump - and dirty enough to prove that real comedy is coming back. If you have a sense of genuine humor and can laugh at yourself without getting offended, Dustin Gold's "TrumpGuy" is the stand up we've been waiting for. If Andy Kaufman, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin had a comedy love child, this would be it. Special snowflakes stay at home for this one: trigger warning! Everyone else will be glad they didn't miss him!
- Phillip Wiglesworth, Inaugural DeploraBall sponsored by Gays For Trump

Laughed The Entire Day

This was the best surprise we got the day of our golf event! Mr. Trump stayed in character the entire time even though it felt like 100 degrees, outside. He is by far the best impersonator we have seen. We recommend Mr. Gold for impersonations/comedy entertainment. He took the time to study our company and employees so he could interact with everyone. We laughed the entire day! People are still talking about how much fun it was.
- Gina Webb, Operations Manager, Volunteer Properties

Trump Blows Them Away

"Our Donald Trump impersonator exceeded my expectations. The time and effort that Dustin invested to make sure our event was successful was impressive and very much appreciated. All of our guests were thoroughly entertained and it was the highlight of the evening. His routine, mannerisms, delivery were perfect. I highly recommend him. Several of our guests indicated to me they are interested in using him at one of their events."
- Joe Pusateri, Elite Homes, Inc.


"Dustin did an awesome job. I contacted him only a few hours before we needed a performer. He got the contract over immediately, jumped in his car and drove 2 hours, we talked and he wrote custom material on the way! He was a huge hit, he handled a few hecklers with flair, and set all to ease-with laughter. He made sure to deliver all the personalized jokes in terrific Trump-character. It was just what the company needed for the party, he stayed late and impressed everyone. An absolute Yuge-hit. 6 stars if it were possible."
- John Hasse, McVean Trading & Investments, LLC